A life-long animal lover, I decided to take the leap from my career as a corporate meeting planner to start You Lucky Dog, and I’ve never looked back! Since childhood, my family and I have always had animals in our life – from fish and birds, to cats and dogs, and even horses. My four-legged family members have included two Golden Retrievers, three English Mastiffs, a Pug, a French Bulldog, a Maine Coon cat, and a Thoroughbred horse.  I currently live in South Boston with my 2 dogs and a cat, Tug the English Mastiff, Mason the Pug and Mouse the Maine Coon cat!

I’m actively involved in dog shows through the American Kennel Club. I believe that dogs are happiest when they know what is expected of them, and I train my dogs (and myself) with Jennifer at The Pawsitive Dog. I’m interested in animal nutrition and appropriate alternative therapies, and I’m constantly educating myself and brushing up on the latest information around animal health and nutrition.

Please contact me if you’re interested in having your dog become part of the You Lucky Dog family.